Pro Kimye

Draft …

Question is, would you rather see kim dead with her so called fake ass, and boob job? would you want her dead instead? When you see her clad in some yeezy mind-blowing outfits don’t you rather rejoice at how full of life she is?

if you came by and found her dead on the side of the road and there’s no more life in her will you consider her fake ass and boob-job anymore?

Why the hate? People pick on the littlest detail oh she talks like a 12 year old, oh she talks about having all this children but let here try to manage 3 of the kids with $2000 and no nannies and pair of extra hands?

What is she supposed to do? Deny the gains from her job?

This woman has been on TV entertaining for over 10years tirelessly. even AI can’t take that role from her because people love being entertained.

because gusess what people don’t know how to stay alone or to do meditation

so in so many ways Kim is helping – imagine a world without her – it will be colorless and sad. she keeps you awake and tuned in

But no the hate is so much? What has she done? are people just so jealous of her body and how she flaunts it unapogetically?  the question is would you rather she dies.

Go Kim! You are definitely unstoppable – very savvy business woman whom other women should be learning from and move their families out of poverty so they can afford a pair of hands and nannies to watch their kids


Men, it’s almost unbelievable how there is just a consistent flow of hate – so much hate to offer

all people want to do is hate and hate and hate some more –

did you watch Kanye recently? – his TMZ thing about slavery, his visit to Uganda after his visit to the oval room with Trump?

And then his so-called rant on SNL?

Have you seen the comments on u-tube and the headlines – how pregnant they are with hate

My heart out to him.

I sit and ask myself how does he even deal with so much negativity pouring in from everywhere. How does he keep his head up? It’s not like he has killed someone

He is an amazing creative (artists) and businessman (creating opportunities for others thereby) how evil could he really be?

i m not sure.

And then poor Kim – amazing hate on her – the Ugandan Paper read “Kanye visits Uganda with his whore wife?

Get over your hate – it is a hate problem. Not a kimye problem because it could be just anyone else and you will still hate.


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