July summation

29th july 11:23 pm

On this metro, I breathe you and you breathe me. How am I black and you are chinese? How am I black and you are white? 

How black am I and how white are you? 

My Metro experience 

Pouring out of metro reminds me of thoughts as the come in, and go , I can put a finger on it, I don’t know whose thought, what I don’t know them intimately 

Watching all kinds of shapes and sizes – the masses exist because of LOVE. If like was narrow how would you see him, her, ( pictures, art pics of strong condi, langky, fat ….) how can I leave the masses, I m part of it and they with me too. Why go on to the hills 

To stare into peoples eyes, into their beings 

If I were given more 30 years I’d liveGod. 

A mandate to liveGod in the next 30 years.


July 23rd 9 pm (this should come through like typewriter writing that goes through military movies)

Borrowing someone’s experience is 

I remember having sex for the first time and screaming connect connect


I had heard so many stories about it so much that I new once the penis gets inside, it is like instant sweetness 

So when it wasn’t instant sweetness I started screaming connect connect. Oh funny! I was so confused. Because it is only years after that now I understand that I got the whole sex and ice cream on the first lick confused.

I had read it from Steve Harvey’s book, who wrote think like a man, act like a woman to win men. 

Men, Borrowing someone else’s knowledge is really dangerous. Let alone to use it when LOVE is concerned. To use something borrowed when the most transparency is needed

Where nakedness is priced at the highest. My lover was quite confused. At what I was saying. At least I should have just said I do not feel the instant ice creamness (fantasy) I had taught a penis was

Or I should have just sat quite and 

I had all different kinds of thought I was also using connect to express a deep intertwine 

Fdw can I not do rtocol and skip directly to stylistic as a a sicker from food’s sucks ?


Meeting up the Marcin excerpts


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