Job posting for emoH

Newspaper article  – what 21st Century Employers are on the look out for this days



emoH was a symbol to say school isn’t relevant, only the Learner is. Only the disposition of being a Learner is.

And what is the definition of Learner here? By no means are we referring to the one who sits in classrooms and listens away at the teacher.  We are not referring to the dormant and dead here? No!

We are not referring to the passive who sits to listen then to after on claim that he KNOWS after just listening for years and years and regurgitating .

We are not referring to the disillusioned here. We not referring at all to this learner, the one who has sold his soul for listenership to later on get a paper with claims of valedictorian.

Save that to the marines!

We are referring to an alive phenomenon – the Learner who is a dare-devil. Who is courageous enough to plunge into the school of LIFE.

Who is ready to meet with REALITY face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball and tango with IT till he gets the answer.

Think Jacob wrestling with the god in that bible story and finally twisted the god’s knee until the god had to change him entirely. We are talking TRANSFORMATION here.

The Learner who is willing to die, to give up everything he knows, to give up his comfort zone, security with the known for the UNKNOWN definitely gets transformed.

The Learner who denies all pretensions, like the famous one of playing with words to later on graduate with flying As. HAHA! Someone call the ambulance here – there is definitely a situation, here!

What are your As for by the way? For regurgitating what teacher Moron said? Or for copying from your mobile phone and your friends during exams? Do your As mean anything beyond the fact you graduated without offering value to anyone hence you are as broke.

And have to go beg for a job aka apply for a job (employers tricking you into to believing you are not a beggar hence they call you prospect, applicant and you feel great when all you really are is just a darn beggar)

We do not care if you had an MBA? We care if you solved real-life problems! That simple, right?  Did you manage to uplift a start-up from early years to growth level? Or found a way to faster Cash for that company that was out on marketing budget in their 3rd quarter?

Did that company make a million dollars on your leadership?

Oh no you/it didn’t! You were learning how to do it, so you can do it one day! As if life waits for you with the same exact challenges you are ‘wording’ in class right now. How obsolete is what you learned than you have learned it?

The world keeps moving,  at even faster rates that whatever you learned in marketing is no longer relevant in the market the minute you learn it. You need to be in the heart of the market to feel the heartbeat of it. Instead of being somewhere near teacher Moron’s desks as she pats you on the back with As that have no value but featherless as words.

Tango with LIFE/REALITY today. Become the Learner with the capital L today. Stop wasting your life, time and resources on being the learner with the small l today. Otherwise, you will have your own self to blame at the end of the day for refusing to use the soil you were given to grow tons of crops on.

You and only you will have yourself to blame.



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