How to look 18 or 20 at 30 – Food’at Works


I have not been known for anything really apart from digging a tunnel.

For years and years I have been digging – hoping I could come out on the other side, which I didn’t know existed; no hunch whatsoever.

I was only just digging for some reason.

Hence my famous response when someone sees me and goes like ‘Jane, where have you been? “You loss eh?” … (pidgin to say you have been MIA) is always  … “I have been underground” .

Like a mole – digging, digging and digging day in, day out. Nonstop digging!

My nails have become so long and dirty from all the digging and my eyes almost blinded from being underground (check out the life of your )however I have had to stubble on some treasures – truth treasures, simple treasures and food’at Works is one of them.

EBLearning is one I had stumbled upon too while digging the education funnel. emoH whilst digging through the funnel of me – my very own


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