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use gifs for this post.

I think my first years working with my web developer were really childish. I didn’t know what to expect, what had to be done and how to go about it. I literally misunderstood every technical term at they send, got infuriated because I felt he was not understanding me, didn’t exactly know how to communicate my design properly

LoL I was a woman on her period. Period! The PMS (link) was insane. And to finally get the emoH design and precision which I wanted  took me over a year (the entire 2017). I was gaining traction too as well just dealing with myself whether emoH for me was an ego trip to power and fame or was a valuable gift to customers.

LoL this was me after I had first prototyped emoH; sign an NDA, which I by the way designed without a lawyer. Hahaha (Sample of it). did someone say act big when you are small? yeah – this right here was the perfect go at it.

Well anyways, today with E’Or Solutions, Inc and our team of seasoned developers, we help a lot of budding novices in the digital space to not make the same mistakes I made.  We help people who will rather someone does it for them while they concentrate on running their business.Â

I m really grateful EAK is the most patient ever -Â

here are my top tips when working with Web-designers and mistakes to watch out against.

Wordsy won’t do. At all!

Writing – words come really easily to me. After I had managed to use dreamweaver to prototype emoH, I had gotten on to copywriting for content and even created a site menu in words. hahahah

Absolutely stupid right? Hahah. So here is the thing, your developers are very hands-on, practical people. They think in code and usually will need pictures (sketches) of what you actually want than words of what you want.Â

Get the picture? They are very technical people, leave your words for grammarians and philosophers. Do simple baby – toddler sketches of what you imagine your site to be and you will ace 90% of the time with your developers to get your site finished without hassle.

you can use paper napkins, A4 sheets or mockups (link) to do simple wireframes for your designers so they can see your thoughts. They are not in your head.

I know especially as you have scanned the internet for look alike to what you want and then chosen your trophy website (s) and are excited to show your designers, do not EXPECT them to replicate and exact look alike of your dream sample site.

They can only do as much and usually their utmost closest and the best (they always have you in mind, always). Which if you ask me, I will say that is perfectly fine because then there is allowance for your own specific idea.Â

Yeah copycat is okay, especially when one’s starting out et al. And will eventually change up as one matures in business and starts replicating their designs according to customer needs – however, twitch things up a little bit. Allow spaces for your own uniqueness to surge.

Be Prepared. If you are ready to do a project. Be out for it 100%. Do not be flaky – today you are in and the next day you are out. In my case I had first contacted EAK after the prototype (Lol, I had no money whatsoever, just testing the waters I guess. But mainly had to bounce because my dad passed, wasn’t emotionally stable but also gave me the time to actually figure out how I would raise the money).

But then it also took me another year to get back to EAK because I choose to get a business license instead before building the actually platform (another post/topic for another day) and then like I mentioned I had to go through the motion of wanting to set out in business as an ego trip to power, fame et al.

So yes I was real flaky you would say – that gave me time to gain perspective though. However, I didn’t really clearly state out to EAK what was going on

Long distance.

a lot of modern businesses work with remote teams. that is the beauty there is, one could argue as the world is a lot globalised and talent is pulled from across the world to make things happen.

For cost-effective reasons usually but in my case at the time, EAK was the one I found to design a marketplace platform for me as they were seemly new at the time – 3 years ago. Still are, compared to e-commerces.

Gainfully free and smart work platforms like teamviewer (link) actually help your access your designer’s computer like you guys where seated in the same room together and you literally were using his mouse to scroll up and down his screen except this time you are actually using your own mouse not his.

It is fun! I like to totally divert, scrolling up and down his computer snitching to see if he has any naked porn pictures opened (hahahaha. Kidding please). I feel like I almost got you there for a second hahaha. Well anyways, so yeah – Teamviewer is a cool tool.

I have heard about Zoom, still haven’t tried it. if anyone does, do let me in on your thoughts. (Thanks). But on often another tool we use along with Teamviewer is Skype to talk, as I can literally take snapshots off my computer and attach them of parts of the website that I dissatisfied with and need fixing

Dropbox was most effective for data sharing and we used WeTransfer for too occasionally when Dropbox was being a bitch for some reason.

Organization with Shared files for importation

Now, this right here reminds me of my mum’s room. Haha! And the quality we shared together ‘disorganisation’. Literally, we never put things back in their places after using them. Nothing wrong but it definitely gets real messy then one has to eventually clean out the clustering.Â

Why I hate having many clothes because I can’t get around organising even ten. Grateful my new apartment comes with pre-made folders aka cabins to really organise stuff.

Learning! But mennn has developing marketplace taught me organisations skills!

Because, apart from the fact that a market place boost a ton of vendors and buyers – organization is far too important for seamless user interface. So we want our customers to reach for things they want on the platform easily.

And for that to happen one cannot just fling folder-less and disorganised files to the developers and expect them to hack what goes where and when.  (actual Pic )

1.Carefully excel-sheet all the products names with their different categories and sub-categories and product photo names.

2.Carefully file in your product photos in named folders and export them to your developers on Dropbox or WeTransfer

3.Carefully file in folder a word document with content (words) to fit your wireframe

4.Quickly notify them using WeChat or WhatsApp – whichever works for you, that you did upload new filesÂ


Designers usually have tight schedules please make their load easy. They have many clients to deal with so when you come to them, in as much as they will devote all ears to you, be mature enough to understand that if you have their attention utilise it properly and understand time is money for them.

By utilise it I mean give clear instructions (don’t nag), and actually listen to what they have to say – to their own input too – it usually comes from years of expertise and being in the industry for quite long to know what works and what doesn’t.

This tips will help you not go around in circles. Nonetheless, developers at least the tried and tested ones I know (with E’Or Solutions, Inc) always got your back because your project is like their baby too. It goes out to tell the world what they were able to accomplish through you. And so they always take your work to heart and I ready to do or die for their name sake.

Plus, you grow over time with them. You get enriched with them. They become almost like trusted friends.

Join our Solutions team today for us to turn those ideas you got into beautiful packages (designs), products, businesses and brands – so you can live life on your OWN terms.


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