Your royal Pretence

2 morrow – set out look Lauren alike poster for Eor for the page and do write up

take off the side widget on me and put book coming up posters

get freelancer for book on marketplace

receipe teaser booklet – recipe booklets

talk to pic guy about brief

then do what Lauren did for block do with packages

complete blog articles, and then finish research on bs4cancer

check how Lauren did her gradient on my other computer using those add ons


And they eat with knifes and forks to show how cultured the are

Tearing bits and pieces of meat on their plates called protein.

How cultured is your etiquette? Or should we ask how violent is to you hide under your morals and mannerisms.

Dear man, you must be very mistaken. You must have missed it with your whole character facade.

How high you are oh his highness, slicing to fork the beacon on your royal plate.

Your excellent mannerism will not befool us – will not hide your very violence. Pretentious hypocrite


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