Pictures of different models and kids.  (Project). … the ecstasy of a child being born ; parents holding them – check pixabay for pics –

It is amazing how it works.

Golds are born to pigs; innocent born to foxes;

It is amazing how the math works. The holy born to the unholy. The purest slate born to prostitutes – welcomed into whore house.

But for ages, the same thing is done – repeatedly as if not conscious of the wrong that happens.

That the golds become pigs and the innocent become foxes eventually and the purest slate then becomes a prostitute and the holy becomes unholy.

Where is the way out, seeing the state of things; considering the matter?

Surely then golds was not golds in the first place if they be so easily changed; then holy wasn’t really holy if they were so readily transformed – morphed. They are not.

They were just seeds born to seeds that didn’t become trees. Sad, they didn’t but has never stopped giving from giving.  The giver gives boundlessly or can’t help but give. The GIVING, I should say instead of the giver.

If we say The GIVING can’t help but give it sounds mechanical and not organic. It sounds like a machine spitting out produce unreasonably. But not the case here. The GIVING thinks in terms of Patience – endurance. If golds don’t remain golds this time, then they can be next time.

So then look not to your childhood nor look into the child’s eyes and miss your golden years. It was all seed years – beautiful yet unconscious hence the reason why it is only now that you are aware those years where golden. Because whilst you were in them you had no clue if they were golden or not.

It was given to you for free – utter free. Birthright gold. So now Gold unfox. Gold seed unfox into a gold tree – I mean the very unfoxing makes/transforms your initial seed to a tree.

The very unfoxing trees you.


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