Thanks David, for grabbing a cup of tea with me.

I tell you, it feels amazing to have my way again. To get to do what I always wanted to … ‘to never attend school again’. (#ugh finally)

(giggles)  Isn’t it fun that I came to China, less than a year ago to study “INTERNATIONAL TRADE” but end up actually doo-ing “INTERNATIONAL TRADE?”

Creating emoH, the best app that helps foreigners in East Asia to get their homeland FOOD & BEAUTY/HEALTH products/services +, by just a click on their country’s flag?

I mean, providing value to others beyond my wildest imagination? …

Goodness!!! I am totally wowed by how this has all played out for me. Super THANKFUL.

Tell you something David! Doing work/experiencing is the best teacher! Not even long hours of listening to the best professor in the world can beat that!

(sigh of relief) Oh well! Let’s get started before I chop your ears off with excitement (chuckles). You are here for the interview  … you wanted to find out a couple of things about me? Like: who am I, how I have come thus far, where I started from and why emoH is so on point …. where I am headed?

  • DAVID: A pleasure to be here with you, Jane. Really, thank you for taking this interview. Ok, so what is your real story?

JANE: (smiles) David! I’m sure I already sounded off beat/controversial … and I bet I will sound even more so. Hahaha! Just find your own answers as you listen in.

I was named Jane, Tansinda Jane Francis Lepawah! Born in Cameroon, late 80s and lived there for years and years. Until i left for China, September 2014, to study.

I have a repertoire of quitting school, with my most recent (2015) being Zhejiang University of Technology (浙江工业大学), of course. I quit college in 2008, quit a professional Journalism school in 2010.

(smiles) You must be thinking the reason why I QUIT school was because I loved chilling for the most part (nothing wrong with chilling tho’), partying out late with friends (nothing wrong tho’), dating a ton of men (which my teachers thought I was because, I kept missing lectures), was delinquent … irresponsible, have “quitting issues” … hehehe!.

Matter of fact, it had nothing to do with all these. I only QUIT school because, I have always felt strongly that, if education is not done ‘entrepreneurially’ then it’s a waste of my time, a waste of my potential and my creativity… it is disrespectful to my BEING.

And so I QUIT – took ownership of my OWN learning experience: immersed myself for long, countless hours in libraries. Studied, read, researched, challenged myself, wrote articles, started an organization, designed emoH; … all the while thinking to myself that – ” I gotta find me & one day I will hold the torch to folks who like me demand more out of life, yet feel trapped“.

  • DAVID: Interesting! Hmmm, how have you come thus far – how have you made it thus far then without college?

JANE: Being a weirdo for the most part, i guess! Just being myself. And BEING myself was always contrary, you know. (stops and ponders!)

Simply! I am here, now because I always chose what nobody else wanted to choose; did what no one wanted to do.  Always OPPOSITE! I chose to quit when others won’t. I guess, I have always been entrepreneurial.

Em! … Brief, I chose to forge my own path in life irrespective of what my family thought of me; irrespective of what my society wanted to make out of me; irrespective of what my neighborhood thought I should be, and what my friends deemed necessary of me.

I choose to EXECUTE the emoH idea even if that costed me a future on the corporate ladder … phew! In other words, if that meant I will no longer have or be given any maps to follow – and thus had to find my way!

Em! … Matter of fact, i guess SOMETHING has always been pulling me to seek out beyond what is generally accepted as the norm … to go beyond the “dominant narrative” as Mike Cernovich would say.

  • DAVID: Wow! Jane, emoH is genius! Big Kudos on that! Such a timely necessity for all foreigners in East Asia. How did it happen?

JANE: (chuckle) Please, take it easy (laughs heartily). Yes, it is! I have an entire article on the emoH story here.

emoH being an excellent country-specific app that helps foreigners in East Asia to get their homeland F&B products/services +, by just clicking on their country’s flag, did not just happen by chance!

I guess sometimes in life you try so hard – pushing and pushing – and then one day you hit the jackpot. (laughs).


David, I must tell you, emoH is only a by-product of this idea. This idea/concept called Entrepreneurial-Based Learning. I birthed it in 2013, after graduating (at last … ‘wink’) from my own, self-regulated school.

Let me tell you a little bit about it.

It is the type of learning that you go out to find your own answers, and not wait to be given them or to borrow them ( I suffered costly mistakes from answers I borrowed about LOVEhahaha! Terrible mistakes I made dear David … ) Oh well, original answers are a must because then they are truly yours;

EB-learning is the type of adventure that you stake everything to attain ‘IT’ … it is a kind of death actually. Hahaha! Not to scare you or anything of that sort – Why i use “death” here is because, you have to unlearn all you have known to eventually learn. (So, paradoxically you die to all knowledge).

It is the type of learning that you spend time in isolation to GROW.  

Really, EB-learning has no defined path, no curriculum but it takes you places. It is a walk with the UNKNOWN and yourself. And it will definitely bring you BEYOND, beyond your wildest dreams. It is a world of endless possibilities, really. FREE! FREE!

You could try it! It is EXCITINGLY hard – hahaha! but how else can one truly GROW? EB-learning is definitely the trend for this coming age. I dare to say, school for a most part will go extinct! As people will be turning more toward themselves than toward others/governments for answers … 

  • DAVID: Interestingly bizarre! Hahaha – but I’m learning a ton! So, before I let you go – where are you headed to, with emoH?

JANE: Haha David! What can i say? I can only be in the present, here and now. Stay tuned. One thing is for sure, emoH will continue to bring RELIEF to a ton of foreigners … So long as there be foreigners in East Asia, emoH is more than committed to bring RELIEF.

  • DAVID:  Any tips/advice for students or anyone out there who wants to be a “daredevil” like yourself?

JANE: Hahaha! My worst thing ever is to give advice to others. Because, who am i, really? A nobody, at most. And i trust the answer to any questions/to TRUTH, lies deep within each and everyone of us. All that is needed is to look within yourself – NOT to me. Heck, I m still discovering still!

  • DAVID: Jane, come on! Please … Give us something!

I’m serious tho’ … you are escaping from YOURSELF by asking me for advice. All i have said above could be used as an INDICATION to YOUR own possibility … it is entirely up to you.

  • DAVID: Sounds good then! (laughs heartily). Thanks a lot Jane. Thank you for seating with me and sharing. 

JANE: Thank you back, David! Thanks for taking out time to talk. Hope something meaningful was conveyed. (smile)


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